Font not working in IE? Squirrels to the rescue!

Ran across this today – if you’re using @font-face and your fonts are not showing up in IE (yeah, IE, you rule…not), check out the font generator at fontsquirrel.   It will give you all the font files you need, and the css code to make it all work.  Easy like butter, love it.

Two thumbs up for fontsquirrel.



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Time to Bang the Gong – New Customer Live!

It is time to bang the gong.  We launched a new customer this week on the platform!

When I worked at a software startup years ago, there was a tradition that we would bang the gong when there was a new client.  Keep in mind, in the software world, the sales cycle is somewhere around a decade long.  It felt like we didn’t bang the gong nearly as often as we would have liked.   The whole banging of the gong was slightly awkward, but cramming into our small conference room and drinking cold beer was good times.  I am sure that our clients would have been quite pleased with their decision at that point if they could see a bunch of 20 somethings drinking beer at noon on a Friday ready to solve all their billing and operations woes!

I don’t have a gong nor am I drinking beer, but I am truly elated to announce the launch of M.C. Moving’s new site.

If you are ever in need of Arizona movers or if you just want to see their gorgeous new site, check out M.C. Moving.  These guys are great and have been a true pleasure to work with!

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Cool eco-friendly moving box alternative

One of the things I hated most about moving was finding moving boxes.  I have flashbacks of lugging used boxes from the local grocery store and from work.  I can only imagine how cool I looked walking down the street awkwardly juggling these stacks of boxes.  As the move got closer, I would break down and spend a small fortune on boxes that I would use once!  I always felt like the boxes were such a waste of money and bad for the environment.

I was so excited to discover this company, Frogbox,  that is providing an eco-friendly moving box alternative.  They basically deliver re-usable plastic boxes to you.  They have a really nice site and I look forward to seeing them expand to Chicago — not that I want to move anytime soon.  The thought of trying to pack with 2 crazy toddlers scares me.

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Golf Site + Moving Site + Freezing weather = Move to Phoenix

The Nance’s sage advice this morning was that we should give Arizona moving companies the sites for free, so that they would move us to Phoenix (the home of the Nance).  As the 20 degree air seeps through my 1910 windows, I am sold.

I can see it now.. Free Sites on + Free Sites on GolfWebsiteBuilder .com= lots of free golf  (and babysitting) in Phoenix.  I like it.

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Mom jeans and

I take two months off to hang out with the kids and to enjoy the holiday craziness and before I know it I am stuck in mom jeans and have no clue what is going on in the internet world. I had dropped my religious reading of TechCrunch over morning coffee in favor of dodging flying bananas.

The new year comes around and I am woefully behind. Who are they? Do the sell kid’s clothes? Do they have New Year’s sale? I will be the coolest mom in playgroup for finding this gem. I dig around. I sign up. Oh – really cool concept. I don’t see any questions about child development. But, oh – how interesting? People discussing landing pages and ROI on social media campaigns. I geek out going through the discussions.

I am back. I am no mom-jeans-wearing-dinosaur.

To prove that I’ve still got it, I did my first tweet for (@GolfProWebsites) today. Feels good.

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The Twilio Fund and my Accent Training Demo

I’ve been playing around with an idea around an accent training website for the last month or so, and 500 Startups‘ Twilio fund deadline finally got me off my lazy @ss.     I finally finished everything for a working demo, and submitted my application with 3 minutes to spare.

Here’s a demo video that demonstrates the service (warning – there is no design applied to the site).

It’ll probably take me another month or so to finish the site, but it’s exciting to actually see things working.

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How to Gracefully Use the HTML5 Audio Tag with a Flash Fallback

HTML rocks.  It rocks harder than Poison did in the 80’s.   That’s some hard rocking.

However, browser support is a bit iffy for certain tags.  Take the audio tag for example.   Not only does Internet Explorer not support (along with the rest of HTML 5), I discovered in building out our accent training service that Firefox doesn’t support mp3 files in the audio tag.  Heh?  Can that be?   Alas, it is true.

Never fear, the internets is here.  You can use the wordpress standalone flash audio player and this great little javascript snippet to make sure  all of your users can hear your sweet music.


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