Nance’s Kitchen is a company  that cooks up great businesses.  We are primarily focused on providing easy solutions for small businesses.

Why the name “Nance’s Kitchen” you ask?   “The Nance” is my mother-in-law, and she’s one mean cook.  Out of her kitchen appear magical dishes so good they make you want to weep.   Hopefully, the businesses we launch can come close to being as good as the food “The Nance” cooks.

2 Responses to About

  1. carl says:


    so im a little confused on this tutorial … i was wondering if you could give me a few hints.. like

    like what CODE goes into the index file of :

    to parse the email/mms text to the controller?

    and do i have this processing idea down correctly?

    1. mms gets sent
    2. it hits the email address
    3. forwards to the subdomain
    4. subdomain shoots it into sendgrid
    5. sendgrid parses the email to my application
    6. application index file throws the info to the controller
    7. controller write the info to the database?

    • Doug says:

      Great questions. Some answers:

      • There is no index file for http://www.saletrap.com/receive_email, the receive_email code is in the controller in the receive_email method. That’s what sendgrid posts to.
      • In your steps, step 5 should be “sendgrid parses emails and posts to your specified controller action”, and step 6 should be “controller writes info into the database”, and there would be no step 7.

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