Build a ShareASale Website for $0.10 per month

One of my favorite co-workers in the last few years is my good friend Steven Maguire.    He’s one part hilarious, one part brilliant, and one part pragmatic.  One of my best coding memories from the last few years was figuring out how to fill in pdf’s using prawn, rails, and a handful of other gems to power form filling at EarthClassMail and to help people file medical claim forms online.

Steven loves to build fun things with a minimum of cost, and recently launched his newest funny venture,   If you’re in the market for Wisconsin Badger crop tops, this is the site for you!

On a dev note, if you’ve ever wrestled with the ShareASale API and ShareASale coupon feeds, check out Steven’s article on how he elegantly handled both.   He gives a full rundown on how to use Github pages, Jekyll, AWS Lambda, and a handful of other tech to host a dynamic affiliate site for (basically) free.    Amazing stuff.

We thought about reading in ShareASale’s coupon feed for moving boxes for (if you’re looking for Chicago movers, Orlando movers, or movers in any other city check it out!), but punted b/c we found it too hard to be worth it.  Kudos to Steven for figuring it out!



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