How to Gracefully Use the HTML5 Audio Tag with a Flash Fallback

HTML rocks.  It rocks harder than Poison did in the 80’s.   That’s some hard rocking.

However, browser support is a bit iffy for certain tags.  Take the audio tag for example.   Not only does Internet Explorer not support (along with the rest of HTML 5), I discovered in building out our accent training service that Firefox doesn’t support mp3 files in the audio tag.  Heh?  Can that be?   Alas, it is true.

Never fear, the internets is here.  You can use the wordpress standalone flash audio player and this great little javascript snippet to make sure  all of your users can hear your sweet music.


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2 Responses to How to Gracefully Use the HTML5 Audio Tag with a Flash Fallback

  1. Vion Sandor says:

    What I find most disappointing is that the whole point of HTML5 is to obviate the need for other languages and scripts like Java and Flash and provide a native format within a standard framework. The current effect seems to be the diametric opposite of this: the tag cannot stand on its own given the chaotic lack of agreement between browser authors as to which types of files are supported – web standards are nothing if nothing is standard 🙂

    • Doug says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The current state of things means double work – HTML5 plus the fallback for browsers/versions that don’t support it.

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