Confessions of a Usability Test Addict

I am officially hijacking the blog to make a confession. I have a new addiction. It does not rank quite as high as my addiction to celebrity blogs or reality tv, but it is a close third. My new addiction is an old addiction resurrected. I am officially addicted to running tests on Note: I never said it was a cool or edgy addiction.

Anyway – Doug built this usability testing site years ago and I have used it on occasion to gain feedback on the usability of sites that I was running at the time. As we were putting the finishing touches on, I remembered how useful the feedback has been. So, I dusted off the old site, kicked the tires a bit, and launched a few tests. I eagerly awaited the praise — this site will revolutionize the life of golf pros everywhere; stunning design… I could hear it all as I pressed Submit.

The results came in with mixed reviews. My baby is ugly in some eyes..but, as Doug likes to say, we will get there. Check out our usability test results here:

Now, it is time to make some final tweaks to make my baby pretty, maybe run another test or two (or seven), and let this thing out in the wild!

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