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How to Gracefully Use the HTML5 Audio Tag with a Flash Fallback

HTML rocks.  It rocks harder than Poison did in the 80’s.   That’s some hard rocking. However, browser support is a bit iffy for certain tags.  Take the audio tag for example.   Not only does Internet Explorer not support … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Usability Test Addict

I am officially hijacking the blog to make a confession. I have a new addiction. It does not rank quite as high as my addiction to celebrity blogs or reality tv, but it is a close third. My new addiction … Continue reading

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A copy of AuthenticatedSystem has been removed from the module tree but is still active!

What a freakin’ error that is huh?  I kept getting it while trying to work on my 3-year old usability testing service. Turns out it’s a conflict with Comatose and rails authentication.   Here’s the fix:!#f698dc284eb1451c Add ‘unloadable’ to … Continue reading

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